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CGS Geo Model

CGS is providing a stand-alone velocity modeling package in addition to integrating with third party software to offer a strong visualization platform along with advanced, back-and-forth gridding technology. With this information, the users can more efficiently plan future stages of their projects. Current imaging workflows of re-picking velocities, modifying salt bodies, and re-migrating the data can each take up substantial time. When working on a major seismic project, these weeks of human work followed by weeks of waiting for the HPC Cluster to do its work can add up very quickly. In fact, the typical seismic imaging project has a workflow of up to six months. The CGS GeoModel technology, however, takes advantage of its intuitive user interface and fast processing capability to enable the end-user to input a new or modified velocity model, run the migration over a targeted area, and view the results in a matter of seconds, reducing a project's workflow to as little as sixty percent of traditional methods! In addition, the CGS GeoModel will maintain an audit trail of velocity model edits so that the end-users will be able to conveniently keep track of their changes. This significant cut in turnaround time is also made possible by the unprecedented use of interactive processing as opposed to the typical batch processing model. A batch processing model would require the user to pick all the velocities of the seismic data he or she wants to process and then wait for the system to compute the results. However, interactive processing allows the user to modify a velocity model and have the system produce a new image in under a minute. The CGS GeoModel package enables the geoscientist to alter the velocity model around complex geologic areas and quickly view the imaging results significantly reducing uncertainty for the seismic processor, interpreter, and reservoir engineer. The CGS GeoModel will reduce the time and resources spent on future projects. For oil companies, this benefit not only shortens the time to de-risk a project, but also ultimately saves them vast amounts of money.

Using CGS GeoModel Software
From the end-users perspective, CGS GeoModel is intuitive for all geoscience disciplines. The below figure represents various types of end-users.

CGS GeoModel is a client or remote application to build and modify velocity models