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CGS Migration Suite

The initial default CGS imaging algorithm is a Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration. The KPSDM algorithm is perhaps the best suited imaging algorithm for the CGS Cluster Foundation. This technology is capable of producing turning rays which allow the algorithm to model extreme changes in subsurface structure while preserving amplitude fidelity. KPSDM is uniquely suited for interactive imaging with CGS GeoModel because of the distinctive targeting properties of Kirchhoff migration. While KPSDM works well for velocity modeling, the final image can be created using the algorithm(s) of client's choice. While KPSDM is the algorithm best suited for the technology, CGS understands oil companies' and service companies' needs to maintain a competitive advantage. For that reason, a customer's proprietary algorithm can be plugged into the CGS Cluster Foundation and used alternatively to the default KPSDM found in the CGS Migration Suite. CGS will implement a customer's third party imaging algorithm into the CGS Cluster Foundation as part of their maintenance contract. However, some algorithms may not be as efficient with the CGS Cluster Foundation's intelligent data staging as others. CGS will advise the customer whether their preferred algorithm would be suitable as an alternative for KPSDM.

Submitting Migration Jobs with CGS Migration Suite
Migrations are seamlessly submitted to the HPC cluster on-premise or in the cloud. The figure below demonstrates how the user submits migrations and computes the results in less than 1 minute.

CGS Migration Suite takes advantage of the intelligent data staging for fast results