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"Using these advanced tools designed for Software as a Service or On-Premise hardware across thousands of processors will accelerate exploration projects, de-risk drilling, and lower costs."
David Wegner, President, Sand Hill Resources

1. CGS Cluster Foundation: Allows end-users to manage high channel count data I/O, execute a seismic imaging algorithm and receive the results in near real-time (15-60 seconds). This is significantly faster than traditional batch processing solutions used today.

2. CGS Geo Model: Enables geoscientists to interactively input a new or modified model, run it over a targeted area, and view results in seconds. The traditional workflow can take months. Near real-time interactivity can allow for a quicker, iterative process that reduces workflow time to as little as 60% of traditional methods and results in significant cost savings.

3. CGS Migration Suite: Allows customers to run their own proprietary algorithm. A default imaging algorithm that is best-suited for this purpose is also provided (Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration).